Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Training Haiku

spring training is here
the boys of summer swinging
hard for the fences

LeRoy Coffie.....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

An Easy Poolside Dip Recipe

Pool-side Dip: 1 red pepper, 2 jalepenos (unseeded), 1 can of corn, 1/2 can diced olives, 16 oz cream cheese (softened), and 1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dip seasoning mix. Serve with crackers. Delicious!!

1 red pepper, 2 jalepenos (unseeded), 1 can of corn, 1/2 can diced olives, 16 oz cream cheese (softened), and 1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dip seasoning mix. Serve with crackers. YUM !!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Whale Tail Chips Review And Giveaway 2/26/2013

I told my wife Whale Tail chips were coming in the mail, she looked at with a confused look in her eyes. She had no idea what I was talking about.The Whale Tails Company sent me a case of their kosher Tortilla Chips to review and giveaway. The box had three full size bags and nine smaller single size bags. I was very surprised when I tasted the tortilla chips, when my wife understood what they were, she tried them too. My children and even my grandchildren loved the chips. They are delicious and good for you too. I enjoy the emails from Ric from the Whale Tails company, his replies are funny and Whalish. This is his way of talking and it is funny. I love the chips plain and I also like them with salsa. They are crisp, flavorful and tasty.

The people who founded Whale Tails chips love the ocean. They live in California by the ocean and I live here in Florida by the ocean. It is a shame I don't get to go to the beach as much as I would like, but such is life. Whale Tails Chips taste delicious, are good for you and the bags are biodegradable. In other words, the bags will eventually become organic matter. This is good for the environment and helps save our oceans. This company obviously loves the beaches in California, Florida and all over the world. This makes me like this company even more than just their Whale Tails Chips. Yes, the chips are in the shapes of Whale Tails.

I'm trying to hold as many bags as I can, this is my first review/giveaway and I think I am going to like this.

Whale Tails chips are made by organic corn grown in the USA, The tortilla chips are naturally gluten free, non GMO, have zero Trans Fat and are kosher. The most important part are the chips are delicious. They come in three flavors: organic blue corn infused with Chia, Original flavor yellow organic corn with 'Alaea' Hawaiian Sea Salt and Hawaiian Barbecue flavor. The chips tastes good with salsa or plain. The bags are 1.5 ounce and 9 ounce.

Ric from the Whale Tails company has been gracious enough to offer a giveaway for a complete case of their chips. This is a full case of mixed bags of 1.5 ounce chips. These are the perfect size for your children (or you) to have a great snack. The case comes with all three flavors and you will enjoy all three of them. I am partial to the Blue Chips and my children love the sea salt chips. I am not positive what my wife's favorite is yet and I think my cat Buddy is about ready to take a bite of one of these chips. This cat loves human food. Have a Whale of a Day and I hope you win.


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New Beginnings By Rebecca Emin Review

Eleven year old Sam has to go to a new school. She is nervous and she has every reason to be. When she goes to school, it is hard to make friends and one girl (Molly) has it out for her. It takes Sam awhile, but she finally finds friendship with Chloe who is one of her classmates in the new school. When on vacation with her parents, Sam meets a boy who is a computer nerd, but he can sing and act too. Both are very shy, but they begin a friendship between each other. This is the part of the story where the author brings in computer use. I like how the computer use is limited to email and educational activities.

The story continues with Sam learning how to deal with friendships while she is being hurt constantly by Molly in her school. The story shows how Sam is nervous each morning when she has to go to school because of the bullying situation. Sam meets a man who teaches her about self-defensive, she gets an opportunity to get the leading roll in a show opposite her friend Nathan whom she met on vacation with her parents. The story shows how bullying is horrible and how to deal with it. I remember dealing with bullying when I was a child and it is hard to tell your parents, friends and teachers what is happening to you.

By the time eleven year old Sam turns twelve, she has a group of close friends, she has dealt with the bullying problem and she becomes successful in her young acting and singing career. The best part of this story is that it gives hope to young pre-teens and teens at a most difficult time in their lives. It shows them how to deal with bullying, how to and not use the internet and the importance of real friendships. The book is clean and should easily be read by children ten and above.

About The Author:

Image of Rebecca Emin
Thumbnail image of Rebecca EminThumbnail image of Rebecca Emin

Rebecca Emin lives in Oxfordshire, England, with her husband and three children.
Her debut novel, 'New Beginnings' was published by Grimoire Books on 23 January 2012. Her second novel 'When Dreams Come True' will be published later in 2012. Rebecca is currently working on her third novel for children.
Rebecca enjoys writing flash fiction and short stories and has had several stories included in fundraising anthologies, including '50 Stories for Pakistan' and 'Literary Mix Tapes: Nothing But Flowers.' She was also involved with the selection of stories for '100 Stories for Queensland' as a voluntary reader. 'A Knowing Look and Other Stories' is a collection of short stories for adults, available now.
Rebecca is also an author for Ether Books who publish short stories and essays via their app which is currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch.
You can find out more about Rebecca's writing Read more

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iris and The Dragonflies Book Review

Iris talked to dragonflies, she loved them. A schoolmate, Tommy killed a dragonfly to hurt Iris and it worked. Iris was brokenhearted. It seems that Tommy is one of those children who always makes trouble in class and this was no different. For a girl who was nearly eleven, it was hard for Iris to understand she could hear the dragonflies speak. This was even harder for her father to understand, he thought his daughter was going a little crazy.

Iris gets lost in a rainstorm and winds up at her grandmother's house with gashes up and down both of her legs. She mumbles about being in a castle. She had a big story for her grandmother who wondered how Iris did so much when she was gone for only two hours. Iris had to go on vacation with her parents for a month to Ireland where she heard stories about dragons.

The dragonflies talked to Iris and brought her on adventures. She got caught on a Dragon's Cliff where she was led to a box. She had to be  rescued from the cliff by Cormac and his dogs. This is just one of the adventures Iris found herself involved in.

The book Iris and the Dragonflies is filled with stories of family, children dealing with school and classmates. Mixed into the story are the adventures of Iris with Dragons and dragonflies. The book also has old family stories that are interesting and fun. This book would be a cool book for young children who love to read about adventures.

There is also an important lesson about dragonflies, nature and how some people or companies don't respect nature and always develop areas that destroy nature and the things that live in the particular area. Iris was trying to save a creek from a development and makes a petition for people to sign. It is cool when a young child does something important at such a young age. This book teaches children as they read through an adventure.

I enjoyed the book and it left me with meaning. I like it when a book tells you something important and makes you think. I like how Iris's parents thought their daughter was a bit crazy, but at the end of the book they are proud with what their daughter accomplished....

You can buy this book on Amazon....

Donkey X and Freddy Frogface Movie Reviews

I was sent Donkey X and Freddy Frogface from Phase 4 Films to review. These were both great movies and you will find yourself favoring one or the other. I enjoyed Freddy Frogface the most, my children liked the entertainment quality of Donkey X.


Freddy Frogface

Victor and his friends were the smaller children, nerds or runts. Whatever the other bigger and tougher children want to call them. They are fun little kids, but there is a bully in town. Freddy Frogface is the bully. He is a lonely boy, who is big and who is mean. He beats up Victor and his friends because beating up other children seems to be the only thing he is able to do. We have all seen bullies and Freddy Frogface fits the mold perfectly. Victor wants to perform in a talent show with his dog and Freddy is intent on ruining it.

The film is filled with fun and lessons about dealing with bullies. Victor and his friends use their brains to deal with bullies. Freddy Frogface can do but one thing. He is a good bully with no other talents. He has the size and the power, but Victor and his friends have the brains. This film teaches one how to deal with bullies in a fun way. The animation and the movie was fun, my children thought the film was awesome. It is also great to see small children beat the bully....


Donkey X

Follow Rucio, the most adventurous, brave, and mischievous donkey of Castile as he tells the true story of the legendary Don Quixote. Rucio jumps at the opportunity to join Don Quixote on his quest to battle The Half Moon Knight and overcome the dangerous obstacles that lurks them on the way. 

This film is funny, laughable and a joy to watch. My children were interested in the movie from the very start. There is some light heart-ed fighting throughout the movie, but it is an adventure movie during a time of danger. This movie teaches children about the forces of good vs. bad, armor and knights. There is also magic spells, evil and good. 

This wasn't my favorite of the two movies, but it was fun to watch. I enjoyed the funny parts. I love how the chidken beat up a vicious animal. The best part of the fights in this movie was they were done without blood, danger or too much frightful stuff. This movie is fun and entertaining for your children and teaches them a little bit about the history of knights. Phase 4 Films did a great job on both of these movies.

We were sent these movies from Phase4films to review, but the opinion

Kiara The Brave and Space Dogs Review

I was sent these movies from to watch with my children. First, the bad. Kiara The Brave is not the movie your children might think it is. It is not the Pixar film Brave that is doing well in the movie theaters. Kiara The Brave is a dull film with subpar animation. If you are a parent watching this movie with your children, you will either fall asleep or cringe through the entire 80 minutes of the film. The film released in June 2012, Kiara takes viewers to Dreamzone, a peaceful and a magical kingdom under the rule of King Maximus. The serene kingdom faces sudden change when the king is captured and imprisoned by his evil brother, Dreadmis. The king's daughter, who is the courageious princess Kiara, must conquer evil and restore the kingdom. She must also get her father back and restore him to the throne.

My eight year old son said the movie was lame and boring. My six year old daughter was hoping Kiara was the princess she saw in the movie theater. She was disappointed with this movie. Kiara the Brave is like the evil boring part of the real Brave movie. There is some violence, but your children will be too bored to notice. The movie is rated PG and is a waste of your time and money.

Now the good. Space Dogs:

Space dogs is an animated tale based on the true story of Balka and Strelka, the two dogs sent to space in 1960 aboard Sputnik 5. Belka and Strelka are a circus dog and a rough-and-tumble dog who embark on an out of this world adventure, they become the world's most famous canine cosmonauts. Space Dogs is 88 minutes long and is rated G, it is a Phase 4 film release.

My son said this movie was awesome. He thought it was cool dogs training to go and going to outer space. My children and I enjoyed watching the fun adventure. The movie was entertaining and the dogs were fun. This is the type of movie you want to watch with your entire family. This is one of those movies you keep and watch all over again.

Balka and Strekla meet when Strelka's rocket-riding circus act goes awry and she ends up launching out of the circus and into Belka's neighgborhood. Belka and Strelka, along with Belka's rat friend Venya get caught by a man and put aboard a train bound for the Soviet space training program. The rest of the film follows Belka and Strelka into space and back to earth.

Our family recommends you and your family try out this movie through your local Redbox or buy it at Target, Walmart or on

We were sent these movies from Phase4films to review, but the opinions are my family and mine.

Smitty Movie Review

Smitty Movie Review, Everyone Needs A Friendly Paw

Smitty is one of those movies you want to keep for your children. In today's world, there are not enough children's movies that teach a good story and are based on good Christian values. It is nice to see a movie that is fun and teaches our children good morals in a society that is lacking morals.

Ben is a thirteen year old boy who comes from a single parent family. Ben is an only child, a spoiled Chicago youth with an attitude. He is a loner at school because he's had to move around so much. Ben needs somebody who can put a smile on his face. This happens when Ben goes to his grandmother's farm for the summer. He meets a dog named Smitty who teaches him the importance of friendship, family and responsibility. Most importantly, Smitty puts a smile on Ben's face.

In spite of his mistakes, as more of Grandpa Jack’s own history is revealed, it becomes clear that he chose family over futile dreams of fame and fortune along the way. Forgiveness and reconciliation between family members are major themes. This is a movie about second chances and responding with perseverance in the face of adversity. Ben’s experience is the bridge that provides the opportunity for re-connection between his grandfather and mother. This enables them to start over and reestablish a loving, healthy relationship. Children can learn much from this story about the realities and difficulties of life – all while having the material presented in an appropriate and family-friendly fashion. 

Smitty is a great Christian film. It will teach your children about prayer, miracles and will touch upon God. The movie will teach your children the importance about family, love and friendship between an incredible dog and a troubled teenage boy. My children love the movie Smitty and I love the message it reveals. The movie is made by Phase4films.

We were sent these movies from Phase4films to review, but the opinions are my family and mine.

Coupons For Ziploc Bags

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Almost Naked Animals: It's My Party! DVD Review

Cook the popcorn and get ready for a movie. If you are like me, you need to have some delicious popcorn when you are watching a movie. Watch out giving popcorn to children under five because small children can choke on the kernels.

I received a package from Child's Play Communications. The package contained an Almost Naked Animalst-shirt, writing tablet and an Almost Naked Animals tote bag. My son claimed the t-shirt, my daughter claimed the writing tablet and my wife claimed the tote bag. The package also contained an Almost Naked Animals DVD which my kids have watched over and over again.

I had no idea what Almost Naked Animals were, but when I told my children what was coming in the mail, they were excited. Almost Naked Animals is

Click Here!Based on the quirky designs of Noah Z. Jones, (creator of Fish Hooks), Almost Naked Animals features an ensemble cast of underwear-clad animals, led by Howie, the fun-loving, hospitality challenged canine manager of the beachfront hotel, Banana Cabana.

Now I have never watched the show, but I finally had my chance. The Almost Naked Animals show is different, funny and a blast to watch with your kids. 

On September 25, 2012 will feature an online community for ANA fans, including the awesome ANA game Cabana Craze, in which players run the Banana Canana as Howie, Duck, Octo, Narwhal, Bunny and Piggy! My children can't wait for this to happen. 
 The dvd has us following the fun characters of Almost Naked Animals as they find themselves in much trouble and mishap
1) It's My Party-ready for a big party at the hotel, everybody gets trapped in the basement and must get out
2)Saliva Drive-Duck tries to find a sidekick for his new movie

3)One Star Hotel-Howie quits the hotel business to try to get his hero Dirk Danger out of retirement

4)What Would Batty Do-Howie's stunt goes very wrong and he injures Poodles assistant

5)Employee of The Month-Howie makes himself employee of the month for years and now they all find out

6)Duck Vinci Code-Banana Cabana runs out of food, so Howie plants a magic bean

My kids loved the DVD because these were episodes they have never seen before. I thought the show was fun and wacky.

In September 2012, Almost Naked Animals joined the line-up on Jabbersmack, the popular new social networking site for kids and tweens.

Friday, February 8, 2013

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