Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iris and The Dragonflies Book Review

Iris talked to dragonflies, she loved them. A schoolmate, Tommy killed a dragonfly to hurt Iris and it worked. Iris was brokenhearted. It seems that Tommy is one of those children who always makes trouble in class and this was no different. For a girl who was nearly eleven, it was hard for Iris to understand she could hear the dragonflies speak. This was even harder for her father to understand, he thought his daughter was going a little crazy.

Iris gets lost in a rainstorm and winds up at her grandmother's house with gashes up and down both of her legs. She mumbles about being in a castle. She had a big story for her grandmother who wondered how Iris did so much when she was gone for only two hours. Iris had to go on vacation with her parents for a month to Ireland where she heard stories about dragons.

The dragonflies talked to Iris and brought her on adventures. She got caught on a Dragon's Cliff where she was led to a box. She had to be  rescued from the cliff by Cormac and his dogs. This is just one of the adventures Iris found herself involved in.

The book Iris and the Dragonflies is filled with stories of family, children dealing with school and classmates. Mixed into the story are the adventures of Iris with Dragons and dragonflies. The book also has old family stories that are interesting and fun. This book would be a cool book for young children who love to read about adventures.

There is also an important lesson about dragonflies, nature and how some people or companies don't respect nature and always develop areas that destroy nature and the things that live in the particular area. Iris was trying to save a creek from a development and makes a petition for people to sign. It is cool when a young child does something important at such a young age. This book teaches children as they read through an adventure.

I enjoyed the book and it left me with meaning. I like it when a book tells you something important and makes you think. I like how Iris's parents thought their daughter was a bit crazy, but at the end of the book they are proud with what their daughter accomplished....

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