Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Smitty Movie Review

Smitty Movie Review, Everyone Needs A Friendly Paw

Smitty is one of those movies you want to keep for your children. In today's world, there are not enough children's movies that teach a good story and are based on good Christian values. It is nice to see a movie that is fun and teaches our children good morals in a society that is lacking morals.

Ben is a thirteen year old boy who comes from a single parent family. Ben is an only child, a spoiled Chicago youth with an attitude. He is a loner at school because he's had to move around so much. Ben needs somebody who can put a smile on his face. This happens when Ben goes to his grandmother's farm for the summer. He meets a dog named Smitty who teaches him the importance of friendship, family and responsibility. Most importantly, Smitty puts a smile on Ben's face.

In spite of his mistakes, as more of Grandpa Jack’s own history is revealed, it becomes clear that he chose family over futile dreams of fame and fortune along the way. Forgiveness and reconciliation between family members are major themes. This is a movie about second chances and responding with perseverance in the face of adversity. Ben’s experience is the bridge that provides the opportunity for re-connection between his grandfather and mother. This enables them to start over and reestablish a loving, healthy relationship. Children can learn much from this story about the realities and difficulties of life – all while having the material presented in an appropriate and family-friendly fashion. 

Smitty is a great Christian film. It will teach your children about prayer, miracles and will touch upon God. The movie will teach your children the importance about family, love and friendship between an incredible dog and a troubled teenage boy. My children love the movie Smitty and I love the message it reveals. The movie is made by Phase4films.

We were sent these movies from Phase4films to review, but the opinions are my family and mine.

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