Thursday, July 17, 2014

Custard Ice-Cream At Save-On Gas In Sylvan Beach, Upstate New York

We stopped to get ice-cream for the kids. Actually, the four of us got ice-cream. We never heard of Save-On, but the people were nice and the ice-cream was delicious. We got three large, two of them had candies mixed in them. We also ordered one small. The total for all the ice-cream was $11.92. The ice-cream was huge and delicious. They mix up their ice-cream every day and it was impressive.

The allergies in NY at this time are horrible. You might as well get a treat to make you feel a little better. If you stop at this Save-On Gas in Sylvan Beach, they will give you a great ice-cream cone that you will love and remember. Vacations are made for memories and I will really remember this place for ice-cream.

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