Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Visit To Olive Garden In Watertown, NY

My wife and my sister wanted to go shopping in Watertown. I am the driver, so obviously, I had to come along. My kids also came because they are always with mom and dad. My wife offered to take us to Olive Garden. We were seated and Georgia (our waitress) came over. Right away, my sister and I noticed Georgia's grumpiness. She served us, but with no personality. The food was good, but Georgia was slow to fill our drinks. She also forgot to refill our bread. I don't know if she was in a hurry or grumpy. You will have to go to Watertown and ask Georgia for an answer to that question.

My wife left Georgia a seven dollar tip. Not bad, but not near the tip we could have left if Georgia had a personality. Georgia did bring us our doggie boxes, but didn't bring a bag. I had to ask the girl up front. We needed a bag because we were shopping. It is hard to carry four separate trays while you are shopping. My sister left the restaurant early because she was grumpy at Georgia. I just joked about it because my wife doesn't like me to complain.

If you visit Olive Garden in Watertown, NY, expect good food. If you get Georgia for your waitress, you had better hope she is in a better mood than she was for us. If she is grumpy, ask for a waitress with more personality, who is happy to have a job.

I have worked in the service industry for years and I try to give the best service possible. You can have grumpy days, but you should never take it out on the customers. If I paid for this bill, I may have skipped the tip. My wife is a nice lady and tipped anyway. Good thing my wife has more personality than Georgia (our waitress did.

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