Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stay Away From Champion's Buffet At Vernon Downs Casino

Vernon Casino is in Vernon, NY. This is in upstate New York. We are on vacation, staying with my sister in Pulaski, NY. My sister decided to take us to the Vernon Casino because she got a free room. She said we would save money on the buffet and it used to be pretty good.

Here is one of the strange parts. There were six of us, four adults with casino cards and two children. With casino cards, the adults cost $6 for the buffet. The two kids were $9 apiece. This is the first time I ever paid more for my children to eat than myself. Very strange. The buffet included the drinks, this was a Thursday, which is a cheaper night.  The buffet place is called Champion's Buffet.

The first problem was the bread was molded. I told the lady, she said gross, but they never changed the molded bread. What a crazy place. I ate a few foods that were good. I am telling you this because the rest of the food was really old. The mashed potatoes and gravy were delicious. They had an antipasto salad that tasted great. I also ate turkey, they cut and it was fresh. With this, I ate cranberry sauce. The deserts were also good. I had blueberry pie and a bite of chocolate pie. The rest of the food was old, some of it was even hard to chew. I was shocked. When I left the place, I had to race to my room and go straight to the bathroom. My sister's stomach was sick the whole evening and she said she would never eat the buffet again.

I don't live in NY, so I don't have to come here again. Just thought you would know to stay away from Champion's Buffet at Vernon Downs Casino. This place gets both thumbs down.

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