Thursday, July 17, 2014

Warning About Buying Amish Goods

The Amish moved to the Pulaski, NY area about six or seven years ago. I like watching them ride their horse and buggies up and down the road. I wanted to buy some goods from them and my sister gave me some knowledge, I thought I would share.

She noticed a couple of Amish women making some treats. Their arms and hands were filthy and they were still mixing and cooking. She began to notice more of the Amish woman were dirty when they served food to people. This made me nervous when I went to check out their goods. I saw the high price tags on the baked goods and stayed away from them. You may want to pay attention to the people who cook fresh baked goods for you. We bought fruits and vegetables because we can always wash them off.

I am sure all Amish people are not dirty like this. I hope this is a few families that don't clean themselves well enough. We will be going to a farmer's market tomorrow, and I will be watching.

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